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Cardano Pool U Staking Pool

What is staking?

The Cardano Network is a decentralized network which consists of about several thousand Nodes. A Node can be explained as a computer who runs 24/7 with the goal of verifying all the transaction which go through Cardano's network. To keep the Cardano Network secure there are ADA, Cardano's native Token, needed being delegated to those nodes.

What is a delegator?

A delegator is someone who holds ADA and 'lends' them out to a stake pool operator. In return for delegating crypto to a staking pool rewards are given as a percentage of the initial delegated amount. These can revenue returns can yield up to 5,5% APY for Cardano Staking.

What is APY?
APY is short for 'Annual Percentage per Year'. This needs to be read like if. If you stake a certain amount ADA for the period of exactly a year that would be the annual return. Note: even if you delegate for less then a year, you get reward proportionally.

Within Cardano's network the turn-around of a reward-cycle is called an 'Epoch' (spoken: Epic). Each Epoch consists of 432.000 slots / 21.600 block. It takes 5 days to work through a complete Epoch and EACH epic earnings are rewarded to the contributing delegators.

NOTE: Quick math learns us there are 365 days / 5 days.p.epoch = 73 epoch each year who get you nice and steady rewards.

Why SHOULD you delegate?

By delegating your ADA you help to keep the Cardano Network secure. But more important as an ADA holder you are part of the 3rd itteration of the internet or you are init because you believe we can create a better world for all of us!
Anyway... especially when you are planning to keep those ADA for a while you SHOULD stake them since that will give you those staking rewards.

IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) has done the actual hard work and all we as SPO's en delegators have to do is keep the Cardano Network secure and running. The more ADA are staked the better for the network. The effect of the transition from a centralized world to a decentralized one is still in it's early stages. The value of of ADA will most probably increase proportionally to the growth of the network itself. Reaping those staking rewards in the meantime is a pretty darn good way to get yourselve a nice passive income.

Staking ADA is easy

Just get Daedelus, Yoroi or AdaLite wallet. Connect and delegate your ADA's to a pool

What are the risk?

1. Your ADA stay in your wallet. Stake Pool Operators (SPO) can't touch your ADA and do not can get hold of them.
2. You can withdraw (and sell) your ADA at any moment! They are NOT locked.
3. ....

If you do want to support our POOL U Staking Pool, please delegate with us and get rewarded.

POOL ID: pool1sxv5rv4e0g3n25u8vw80lscmclf7j5mx8cdxknrd7kuh6fvsguu